“When the messengers of John had departed, Jesus began to speak to the multitudes concerning John…”John 7:24.
  But why did Jesus not praise John in the presence of John’s disciple?

Why does your boss not tell you the good virtues you have directly? Why does he/she choose to tell people or ‘multitude’ that may not even tell you about your outstanding virtues?Why do people extol you in secret and behave as if you don’t exist when they see you?
  To someone who is about to give up because you feel you are not appreciated,despite your inputs,your feelings may be wrong.
Hold on, someone is out there talking about your exploits to the world only that he/she is not saying it in your presence.
  Dont give up! Dont get tired! Even when men don’t notice,God keeps the records.God is proud of you! God is bragging about you in the presence of His angels!That you don’t hear the complements don’t rule out the facts that you are doing great!
Don’t stop your good deeds.

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