Glory be to God in the highest for the gift of life.
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Hmmmmm,do you notice the change in the topic?
Actually I am still on the same topic but it is coming out today in a different flavour.

Simply,carnality is all what you read in both Parts 1 and 2 of the topic:Conflict resolution in relationship!
Conflicts within causing conflicts without.
But you notice I ended the last topic on dealing with the body(flesh).Let me continue from there.
   The soul forms part of the inner man.Personalities have their root in the soul.
  The soul has three components: emotion,intellect(mind) and will.
I want us to look at these three components that I earlier mentioned in Part 2:
a)The emotional
Characteristics of an emotional person:
1)She thinks with her heart!
2)He hates to be criticised but loves praises.He sees constructive criticisms as insults.
3)Her feelings can easily overpower her.She is sentimental.
4)He is impulsive.
5)She gets angry easily because she wants you to treat her the way she treats you.When that is not done,the gas cylinder explodes! She regrets getting angry later because she usually overreacts.
6)He uses the five senses very well and she is controlled by them.
7)She is a risk taker.
Biblical example: King Saul

b)The intelligent:
Characteristics of an intelligent person:
1)He thinks with his brain.
2)She takes criticisms especially constructive ones because her brain is able to decode them as means of getting better.
3)His feelings  find it difficult to overpower him.He is factual not sentimental.
4)She is laid-back and reserved.
5)He does not get angry easily.However,when he finally  does get angry,the basis for the anger is factual not sentimental.his anger is usually justified.
6)She has the 6th sense(extrasensory perception ability)
7)He is analytical and hates taking risk.
Biblical example: Jonah!
Do you know the reason why Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh to preach repentance to them?
Nineveh was the capital of Assyria! The country that dealt a deadly blow on the Israelites and enslaved them
Jonah’s motto:’You do wrong,you get punished !’
No sentiment.I ‘nt going to Nineveh!

  Could you do me a favour? I want you to look at the characteristics again.
Do you notice I used different pronouns to represent the gender?
   Okay,now try to solemnise the ‘holy’ matrimony between  No 1 under ‘the emotional’ and No 1 under ‘the intelligent’.
Have you done that?
Okay,move to No 2,then No 3 till No 7 !
How is the union?
That is basically the basis for the various conflicts in many relationships today.
Personality differences!
   Obviously I am not done yet.Let me pause here.The next post will be more explosive.Don’t miss it.
Till we meet again on this platform
Stay blessed and rapturable.