Let me share some of my early morning thoughts with you.

Just my random thoughts…Not your normal rhema stuff!

How I wish the focus of the church this year would be on empowering people rather than building more church structures.

How on earth will you set up a church building with 10 people as members and only 2 of them are gainfully employed? Meanwhile the rest just need stipend to do something meaningful with their lives.

Rather than empowering them,you keep telling them to P-U-S-H(Pray Until Something Happens) but spend thousands of Naira to build the ‘house of God’!

Why don’t you let God use you to let something happen this year in the lives of these unemployed/underemployed youth?

Ah! What are all these thoughts? The church is meant to pray and study bible,which one is this empowerment that you are thinking about? Don’t bring strange fire into the church of God with your thinking.Be warned!

How I wish the vision of seeing a church building every 30second-1 minute drive could be extended to having a company every 5-minute drive to start with.

If we are so prayerful and anointed that we can bring something out of nothing as Christians can’t we also bring all our moribund companies back to life and set up new ones where all our unemployed youths can work? It seems the churches only have God’s permission to build Universities.Am I right?

Are we adding values to the society by building more churches? Every street now in Nigeria has more than 2 different denominations yet crime rate is on the increase and the kingdom of God is advancing!

What am I even thinking now? These my thoughts are so childish…What concerns the church with all these? Is it not government responsibility to provide jobs? Yes it is.But now when the government is failing in her responsibility who can rescue her? Is it the government that calls herself the light of the world and salt of the earth? 

If the church refuses to wake up now I see a revolution starting from the ‘house of God’.

One day many of these unemployed youth might convert these fanciful church buildings to shops,malls and cinema houses!

Common stop all these your wishful thinkings and face your medical practice…

Knock…knock…Doc you have a patient!