The Discipline of Grace (4)

I know God almighty promises us that He will not withhold any good things from us.He is such a wonderful God.In fact He can do things beyond our wildest imagination.No earthly father could do 0.1% of what God could do for His children.However, there are two ways God can deny us of what we ask:

The Discipline of Grace (3)

Don’t run away from a church because you are chastised,or run to a church where you won’t receive any corrections if you misbehave.Church setting provides structure to teach,guide and discipline.However,any suspension in the church that does not make the suspended a better person but bitter/hardened sinner is an exercise in futility.

The Discipline of Grace (1)

“Am I not the headmaster’s son? Why will my Dad single me out to discipline me? Does he not love me again?
I thought as an HM’s son I should have been pardoned and not reproved like that.”