Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World(2)

What did Jesus see? He saw their faith (pistis) in action.The men that brought this paralysed man did not just have a mental trust/reliance on Jesus or a mouth confession of their belief in Jesus,they demonstrated it in their uncompromising,steadfast,unyielding resolve to get the paralysed man to Jesus.Likewise,trusting in God for a miracle must not be passive.It must be seen in your action

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World(1)

Failure on a project several times is not an indication for you to give up.Many times it is a way life asks a simple question:’How badly do you need this thing’? If your life depends on it then you have to be resolute in your faith in God and He will definitely answer you because He is also a faith-ful God!

Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the World (2)

For you to be able to experience spiritual rebirth(‘genetic’ reconstitution) you must understand that the same way Eve came out of the First Adam,those born of God are also brought forth from the Second Adam(Christ).While Eve became Adam’s bride,you also become the Bride of Christ…

Whatsoever is Born of God Overcomes the World(1)

In Africa especially, many children are believed to be brought forth by some gods(deities). For example,you hear names like:”Ogunbiyi” meaning “the god of iron birthed this one”, “Sangobiyi” meaning “the god of thunder birthed this one”. Does it mean that the god of thunder was delivered of a baby by a midwife?

Insomnia(Sleeplessness)-Complications and Preventions

If at all you won’t sleep at night,getting worried should not be the reason! It can’t add a single naira or dollar to your savings! I would rather you keep a vigil to pray or do night shift work that can add something to your life than getting robbed of sleep by anxiety!

The Promise and the Faithfulness of God

When the promises of God are in sharp contrast to your present circumstances, what you focus on is very important.I want to share with you the things you are not to focus on and the important things you should consider…


Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
Do you wake up often during the night and have trouble going back to sleep?
Have you noticed you have difficulty staying asleep?
Do you feel extremely tired after waking up in the morning?