The Harmful Effects of Sniper Insecticide When Used Indoors

This topic has been on my mind for sometimes now but I felt the need to write a post on it because of the rate at which people now use sniper in their homes.

Sniper insecticide


1)It is mainly used as an agricultural insecticide on crops, stored products( for preservation), and animals.

2)It is a fumigant and can kill insects and creeping reptiles(lizards,snakes etc) within 5minutes.

3)Its harmful/toxic effects on both animals and human is because it inhibits an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase.

4)When inhaled,the effects on human can be divided into two:Short term and Long term.


Anybody that inhales this chemical when used indoor could experience these toxic effects but they may be more pronounced in:

a)Children whose ages are below 5

b)Children that are allergic or with family history of allergy.

c) Adults that are allergic ,asthmatic or having respiratory issues ab initio.

All these people can be symptomatic if they enter the room where sniper has been used even after 24 hours.

It is worrisome that its use is exacerbating asthmatic attacks among the asthmatics and those at risk of having bronchial asthma.These I know!


Sudden onset of cough and catarrh(runny nose): Cough may become worse at night.

Chest discomfort

Sudden difficulty in breathing

Chest tightness







Eye and skin irritation

Twitching/Convulsions/Involuntary movement of the eyelids/tongue,paralysis of the respiratory muscles and coma (if the amount/conc. inhaled is very high)


Lung cancer: Repeated long exposure to sniper has been linked to lung cancer.

More worrisome is the fact that people have been committing suicide with sniper!

Nobody is saying that sniper is not effective in killing mosquitoes,cockroaches ,reptiles etc but its deleterious effects on human health when used indoors outweigh the benefits.

Therefore it is hightime the Federal government sensitized the citizens on the harmful effects of this chemical when used indoors via TV/Newspaper advert,Radio jingles and the social media.

Let’s also spread the news to our neighbors and acquaintances.

Stay healthy.

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  1. Thank you for using your field and your profession to rescue life. There are many doctors like you who do not care about people’s life but money. But your own case is different. You value life more than money. Though, it isn’t you but the one who has called you into this race. You will not fail Him, yourself and your generation to come in the name of Jesus Christ. Always stay connected to the source!

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