Let’s do some Bible study today.A story in the Bible caught my attention.It is about how Abraham had to beg the Angels on their way to assess a city for possible destruction.

Abraham started the bargain for the deliverance of Sodom and Gomorrah with 50 righteous people.

The Lord promised not to destroy the land,if such number of people was found there.

Eventually, Abraham stopped the plea at 10.

Again,the Lord gave His word that the city would be spared if 10 righteous people were there.

But why did Abraham assume 10 righteous people might be found there?

He possibly had these people in mind:


2)Lot’s wife

3)His first daughter

4)His second daughter

5)Lot’s first son-in-law

6)Lot’s second son-in-law

7)His first daughter’s father-in- law

8)His second daughter’s father-in-law

9)His first daughter’s mother-in- law

10)His second daughter’s mother-in-law

Unfortunately,his two sons-in-law thought he was joking when he broached the impending doom with them!

Abraham estimated 10 people but the angels only found 4 people!

Without getting the agreed number they had with Abraham,Sodom had to be destroyed.

So many questions begging for answers in this story:

Did Abraham expect too much from Lot ? Maybe…Sometimes the tree you expect to bring forth fruit is fruitless!

Did Lot actually emphasize the values he wanted in his sons-in-laws to his daughters like Abraham did later when Isaac wanted to marry? No one knows.

Did his daughters share the same core values with their husbands? Maybe or maybe not.

Anyway,Abraham did his best as an intercessor.He was a good bargainer.