You would be familiar with Heisenberg if you did Chemistry in high school.If you didn’t, don’t worry I will make his principle easy for you to comprehend.

Uncertainty principle states that :

“When trying to measure the position and speed of a microscopic particle ,you CANNOT know both at the same time”.

When you know the position of a particle ,you can’t know its speed.

The more you try to know its speed,the less you know its position.

This is one of the principles that govern the earth.

It will interest you that answers to prayers sometimes follow the same principle!

Let me explain:

When you pray,the prayers settle in heavens like the ‘particles’ of Heisenberg.There is a conviction in your heart that your prayers are answered.

Now this is where the challenge is:

You also want to know the speed at which the answers are going to show up!

Unfortunately,the more you try to think about how or when the prayers will be answered,the more you delay the answers to your prayers.Uncertainty sets in!

Heisenberg principle says knowing position and speed cannot take place at the same time.

So when you pray,let go and let God!