The foundation of every form of addiction is the pattern of thinking of the individual suffering from it.

As a man thinks,so is he.

A drunkard or a drug addict thinks his miseries come from failure,sorrow,hard work or anything outside of him.

So he tries to use alcohol or drugs as coping mechanisms away from these situations.

Unknown to such individual is the fact that nothing outside a man can make him wretched.

The words of Jesus are instructive at this point:

“It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes from your heart.”

Every addict needs to look inward if at all he wants to be set free.


The unhappiness of life comes not from outside but from inside of him- from his own wrong thinking.

The problem is not the external miseries of life he is facing.

NB:Many people have faced more difficult travails yet they don’t take to drugs or alcohol as escape routes.

The main challenge is the wrong pattern of thinking of the addict that has now been built up to a toxic level over time.

Any addict willing to change his thinking pattern from bad to good,from defiled thoughts to edifying ones has just uprooted the foundation of such addiction.

All other therapies like drug detoxification,alcohol anonymous etc are just additions that target the body rather than the mind and the spirit where the problem was located ab initio.