When you read this title,what came to your mind?

Offering? Tithing? Giving out money to charity? Sowing seeds?

If you are opportuned to read books written in the early part of 19th century,you will notice that the concept of giving was more comprehensive than what comes to our mind now.

Giving can’t be tied down to money or gift.It goes beyond that.

Examples of non-monetary giving include:

Giving your time,energy,humility,love,patience,listening ears,service etc

Whoever gives out any of these has sown something valuable and it is expected that such person will reap the fruit.

When you give,you are like a farmer that goes into a relationship with the soil by planting a seed in the soil.You shall surely get a reward.

No man can receive anything without giving!It is a universal law.

Even God gave His only begotten Son in order to receive us as His sons.

How then do you practise non-monetary giving if you can’t give gifts or money?

Wait for the answers in subsequent posts…