God is always several miles ahead of those he is preparing for leadership roles.How do I mean?

Yes,Moses murdered an Egyptian.It was a condemnable act.However,the ripple effects of that dastardly act led to another phase of Moses’ preparation as an exceptional leader.

Even though Moses was educated in the arts and wisdom of the Egyptians,he needed to be trained in the ways of God of Abraham.How did God achieve this through Moses’ mistake?

Moses fled towards the East after the news broke out that he murdered an Egyptian.He ran to Midian,an Eastern town.

Through divine orchestration,he landed in the house of the priest of Midian called Jethro!

Points to note:

1)Every potential leader is a clay in God’s hands.If per chance,the clay is malformed in His hands,that on its own,is part of the plot!

2)There is a divine syllabus every potential leader must cover before he or she is unveiled to the world.Since God is the teacher,He will lead such individuals to their place of training and practicals.

The next post will link the move of Moses to Midian as the final preparation he needed to be an excellent leader…