Ajimuda Boluwarin Temitope

When fasting is not advised!!!

I have noticed that in this generation of ours it is even easier for people to abstain from food than move away from social media!Most people are addicted to their smartphones.Even when they claim they are fasting from food they still spend 75% of their time Facebooking and WhatsApping! Meanwhile the primary purpose of fasting is to devote significant time for God in prayers.

This kind does not go out… (2)

Over familiarity, jealousy,derogatory remarks,disdain and unbelief prevented the power of God from being released from the body of Christ.Many Pastors are anointed to heal but the church may not be able to draw out this power from them because of over familiarity and unbelief.

This kind does not go out…(1)

Some situations may require some extra efforts from you.It is not that if you call the name of Jesus Christ every knee will not bow…They bow! They even tremble!But do they move out? We are talking about movement of mountains here, we are not saying they won’t bow down.We are talking about evil spirits coming out of their stronghold…

Mountain-moving Faith (3)

This kind was a chronic problem.This is not malaria fever caused by plasmodium falciparum species.This is not even an acute illness that just started few days ago.It was a chronic convulsion caused by an evil spirit!It was a mountain whose foundation was not natural unlike the Mount of Transfiguration,this mountain had an evil spirit at its roots…