Mountain-moving Faith (3)

This kind was a chronic problem.This is not malaria fever caused by plasmodium falciparum species.This is not even an acute illness that just started few days ago.It was a chronic convulsion caused by an evil spirit!It was a mountain whose foundation was not natural unlike the Mount of Transfiguration,this mountain had an evil spirit at its roots…

The Degree of Faith

For every faith you have on God’s word,there is a trouble/trial that will come for it! If trial comes,praise God!!! I laugh when Christians try to change the words of this song: “Today ooo,I will lift up voice in praise,for I know you are always there for me…No matter what I face,when trouble comes my way”.They have now substituted ‘trouble’ with ‘success’…

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World (3)

‘Oligo-‘ is actually a medical terminology.It means something is ‘inadequate’ or ‘deficient’.For instance,there is a condition in Obstetrics called oligo-hydramnios in which there is inadequate/deficient volume of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the foetus…’Oligopistos’ therefore can also be defined from that perspective:It is a faith that is inadequate/deficient in substance…

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World(2)

What did Jesus see? He saw their faith (pistis) in action.The men that brought this paralysed man did not just have a mental trust/reliance on Jesus or a mouth confession of their belief in Jesus,they demonstrated it in their uncompromising,steadfast,unyielding resolve to get the paralysed man to Jesus.Likewise,trusting in God for a miracle must not be passive.It must be seen in your action

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World(1)

Failure on a project several times is not an indication for you to give up.Many times it is a way life asks a simple question:’How badly do you need this thing’? If your life depends on it then you have to be resolute in your faith in God and He will definitely answer you because He is also a faith-ful God!