The Degree of Faith

For every faith you have on God’s word,there is a trouble/trial that will come for it! If trial comes,praise God!!! I laugh when Christians try to change the words of this song: “Today ooo,I will lift up voice in praise,for I know you are always there for me…No matter what I face,when trouble comes my way”.They have now substituted ‘trouble’ with ‘success’…

Insomnia(Sleeplessness)-Complications and Preventions

If at all you won’t sleep at night,getting worried should not be the reason! It can’t add a single naira or dollar to your savings! I would rather you keep a vigil to pray or do night shift work that can add something to your life than getting robbed of sleep by anxiety!


God was called different names in the Old Testament but I will want us to study this one that is […]