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Whatsoever is Born of God Overcomes the World

In Africa especially, many children are believed to be brought forth by some gods(deities). For example,you hear names like:”Ogunbiyi” meaning “the god of iron birthed this one”, “Sangobiyi” meaning “the god of thunder birthed this one”. Does it mean that the god of thunder was delivered of a baby by a midwife?


Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
Do you wake up often during the night and have trouble going back to sleep?
Have you noticed you have difficulty staying asleep?
Do you feel extremely tired after waking up in the morning?

How to Discipline your Children in Godly Ways(2)

It is not healthy parenting when you get to your house after work and your children hear the sound of your car,they all start urinating in their pants.Or they start hiding under the chair because No-nonsense Daddy is around.It is not good when your children cannot be themselves around you.However,this doesn’t mean you should not be firm when the needs arise.

The Discipline of Grace (4)

I know God almighty promises us that He will not withhold any good things from us.He is such a wonderful God.In fact He can do things beyond our wildest imagination.No earthly father could do 0.1% of what God could do for His children.However, there are two ways God can deny us of what we ask:

The Discipline of Grace (3)

Don’t run away from a church because you are chastised,or run to a church where you won’t receive any corrections if you misbehave.Church setting provides structure to teach,guide and discipline.However,any suspension in the church that does not make the suspended a better person but bitter/hardened sinner is an exercise in futility.