Never go into marriage without knowing who you are in one hand and the other person on the other hand.You must be able to use at least ten adjectives to describe yourself and your intending partner e.g ‘I am impulsive’, ‘I am meticulous’,’She is rigid,’ ‘She is flexible’ etc.

Your major/dominant personality traits must complement each other.Other traits can be of the same quality.

*Never stop at the level of ‘finally God has spoken,He has shown me my partner’.That is level one of marriage! You must ensure you complement each other.Most bones in the body are not oriented in the same way.But when they come together to form joints they are able to glide on each other.Hence Adam called Eve ‘the bone of my bone’.Getting to know each other well will make you avoid unnecessary fights and divorce.

*Are you rash in decision making? Do you take action before you think about it? Then marrying someone who is exactly like that is like a man who instead of having a brake and an accelerator in his car now has two accelerators with no break.If you are stingy,marry someone who is generous or else you will make life unbearable for people under you.Complement each other.

*However there is usually a big challenge when two contrasting personalities meet!The relationship will require work from both sides. Till you keep learning from each other.Hence the reason people advise you marry someone who is like you.It is easier when two people are compatible but you add more virtues to each other when your personalities are different but complement each other.

*With this piece I celebrate the ‘break’/’caution’ to my destiny car! The angel on my side with a keen sixth sense.My ‘brain box’ when I am stuck! The one that tells me when going out for ministration: ‘Go and succeed’and earnestly prays for me when on stage.The one that dots my ‘Is’ and crosses my ‘Ts’.



By Dr Ajimuda Temitope

Dr Ajimda Temitope was born in Ikare Akoko,Ondo State,Nigeria.He attended LA primary School,Victory College Ikare Akoko and proceeded to the University of Ibadan,Oyo State to study Medicine and Surgery.He bagged MBBS degree in Dec 2011. He is happily married. He loves blogging,mentoring,travelling,practising medicine and teaching.