He wrote his first University Matriculation Exam(UME) in 1999,he scored 153.
In year 2000,he scored 197.He had two failed attempts already.
Year 2001,he buckled up.His colleagues had gained admission.’God why me?’,he cried! He sobbed but yet quickly prepared very well for the next year.He confirmed the result in more than 2 places:147!
‘Ah!This can’t be my score’,God why all these? He started getting more serious about God:’Life is tough’,he concluded.
One day in 2001,while he was still perturbed by the latest result,a mail came in through the post office:
He actually scored 260 and not 147!
Admission had almost been concluded in his university of choice by then.Expectations were dashed.To make matters worse,the cut off mark was 271…11 points difference.
He encouraged himself in the Lord:’I can beat the cut off mark next year if I try harder’.He did try harder,even he once studied 15hours at a stretch.
In 2002 UME,he scored 271!
“Yes I got it this time around,this is my year of breakthrough!”
Cut off mark was out,it was 272!
One mark short of the target.
Prayers were offered,night vigil upon night vigil,confession upon confession,precept upon precept,contact upon contact,begging upon begging: No show!
All these spilled over to year 2003,he couldn’t sit for UME that year,still waiting on God to answer His prayers: No answer! He missed sitting for 2003 exam.
This waiting on God was becoming unbearable.People that didn’t even put in much as he did were moving forward in life.
Shame,insults,depression etc were his lots.
He shook them off in 2004, he put in for another UME he was so certain that year would be his last UME.He studied like never before.He had developed so much confidence in God this time around.
The expected day of exam came to pass:
He was supposed to write 4 papers.English first,then Biology,Chemistry and Physics together.
It was the year the examining body decided to experiment with ‘Type’ question format .Each candidate had his own type of questions.
Before he was through with the English Language,the invigilator had started distributing the second paper.She got to his table,looked at him and said:
“Your question ‘type’ is not here in the park’!
10min of waiting turned to 30mins,till 1hour 15mins were gone.
They searched and searched for his ‘type’ with no success.
60min to the end of the paper,an improvised ‘type’ was handed over to him.They had to use ink to write the ‘type’.
‘Give me less than 60min,I will still pass this exam’,he said.
The rest is history…
He scored 293…And he gained admission to study his dream course,Medicine/Surgery,after 6years of waiting.
The man in this story is today called Dr Ajimuda Temitope.
You may be in more serious circumstances than mine today.
May be you have been looking up to God for the fruit of the womb for years with no success…
May be yours is waiting on God for a partner…You have prayed and prayed,nobody is forthcoming.And it is not that you are not handsome/beautiful.
Or you have been declined admissions many times.
Or jobs are not just forthcoming.
The waiting period is not easy.It is better read on papers than experienced.
Many times you wish you just die and get out of the trouble.People around you might not even encourage you.Church members will gossip about you.They may even use their testimonies to smite you.
People will deduce many theories about your delay:
‘She is too arrogant,that is why she has not gotten a suitor’,
‘She is under a curse’,
‘He used to womanise before he gave his life to Christ,those mammy water women have destroyed his manhood’,
‘She is an ogbanje’.
I know by now your ears are filled up with different reasons why  you are still waiting.
Before,I sign out today,I have a message for you :
I may not be able to tell you categorically when this waiting will be over.But one thing I am sure of is that,if you can stay on the side of God and you allow Him to complete His work in your life without looking for shortcuts,you will get something far better from God than what you are expecting.
Abraham waited for 25 years for Isaac: He became not just the Father of Isaac but both Father of faith and nations.
Isaac waited for 20 years for a son:Today we say God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.
David was anointed by Samuel around age 15,he still had to wait for another 15years to become a king! Today,those years of waiting earned him something beyond the kingship: Jesus,is otherwise called the son of David today!
Personally,in the long run,I didnt just gain admission,God did something very deep in my life beyond Medicine and Surgery.Most of the teachings I post here are products of those years of waiting on God.
More to come!
Stay blessed and rapturable.