Rebecca: “When are you getting married?”
Joy:”Hmmmm,only God knows oooo.I am just tired of this marriage of a thing.Sincerely speaking I am not sure the person I am courting now is even God’s will for my life.”
Rebecca: “Did God not lead you before you agreed to his proposal?”
Joy:” Yes God did but I still have some doubts in my mind.I am not just at peace.”
Rebecca:” Why?”
Joy:” Divorce cases here and there and many of them claimed they heard from God.They even saw visions and yet the marriage ended in divorce.”
Rebecca:”Are you saying they didnt hear God right or God didnt lead them right?”

Joy:” That is even my concern now.Those are the questions bothering my mind.”
Rebecca:” But is that what is delaying you now to get married?”
Joy: “Yes! Fear of the future. My father divorced my mother 5 years into their marriage.I have been with my mum since then.She told me how caring my father was before the marriage and how wicked he became few months into it.He turned her to his punching bag and my mum nearly lost my pregnancy.”

Rebecca: “Ah! But I know your mum very well.She is a prayer warrior.She must have sought the face of God before marriage”.
Joy:”Yes she did! She saw some of those bad traits in my dad before marriage but she thought her prayers could change him”.
Rebecca:” Ha! The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? ”
Joy:”Is it worth it asking God for direction in marriage? Does God still speak to us?
If He still leads us why are there so many divorce cases even among God’s children? Why does God not prevent them from marrying each other since He does not like divorce?”

Rebecca:” I am not God,therefore many of your questions are better left for Him to answer. I am a human being like you.I am happily married.God led me to my husband and we both confirmed it was God’s will to marry each other.”
Joy: “Are you really enjoying your marriage?”
Rebecca:” Yes I am .”
Joy: “Really? How is that possible? How did you start the relationship? You must have heard God call your husband name audibly into your ears.”
Rebecca:” Not at all.I have never even heard God speak to me audibly before.”
Joy: “How did you now do yours? Did you send his name to a prophet?”
Rebecca:” Hmmmmm.Bring a chair and sit down.Let me share the story of my life and husband with you.
We were living in different countries with different cultures before we met.God brought us together by unique means having committed our lives into His hands.God made the match in Heaven and we made our choice on earth.”
Joy:” So God gave you go ahead to marry each other? Can God make a match in heaven? ”
Rebecca:” My husband and I are living examples.”
Joy: “Aunty Rebecca I have just been quiet about some things in your own marriage in this discussion.”
Rebecca: “Say it please! I am all ears.”
Joy:” If truly God ordained your marriage why have you not conceived all these years! ”
Rebecca: “There is no marriage that does not have its challenges.It is the way you perceive and handle the challenges that matters.”
Joy: “But you told me you are happily married! ”
Rebecca: “Yes I am!
Our love story is written in a book already.I want you to read it first.The circumstances and the setting of the story may look archaic but the principles are still relevant till today.
Our love story is in the book of Genesis 24,the longest chapter in the book of Genesis.
It is a story of a match made in Heaven and a choice made on earth by us!”

With the above conversation I welcome you to these series on marital relationships.
Don’t think you know all about this love story until the Holy Spirit is through with us.
Don’t miss any of the teachings.
Your comments and questions on any of the issues are welcomed.
Stay blessed and rapturable.

By Dr Ajimuda Temitope

Dr Ajimda Temitope was born in Ikare Akoko,Ondo State,Nigeria.He attended LA primary School,Victory College Ikare Akoko and proceeded to the University of Ibadan,Oyo State to study Medicine and Surgery.He bagged MBBS degree in Dec 2011. He is happily married. He loves blogging,mentoring,travelling,practising medicine and teaching.