As I came across this portion of the Bible I am about sharing with you, I realised that certain attributes could be learnt from Mr and Mrs Pilate.
Matthew 27:19:
‘Besides, while he was sitting on the judgement seat,his wife sent words to him, have nothing to do with that righteous man for I have suffered much over him today in a dream’.
Above was the candid advice Mrs Pilate gave to her husband while the latter was about passing judgement on Jesus:
“Have nothing to do with that righteous man!”

Though little was said about her spiritual status but for her to have had a dream that made her recognise Jesus as being righteous shows us that her spiritual monitor was quite sound and clear.She was not spiritually blind!
Her position as the ‘other eye’ to her husband can not be overemphasized. She didn’t leave the work of decision making alone for her husband.
With the look of things at that period Mr Pilate was already frustrated:
Jesus wouldn’t talk to him (v14):
“But he gave him no answer, not even to a single charge; so that the governor wondered greatly’.

You know that kind of feeling…#snobbish#

The people too were down to earth (v17):
“Whom do you want me to release for you Barabas or Jesus who is called Christ?
(v18) for he knew that it was out of envy that they had delivered him up.”

Though he knew Christ was without sin but he had to pass a judgement.Therefore,he was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!
Should he listen to his wife or the people?
Mr Pilate was what you will call an epitome of wisdom. He was wise enough to yield to the  advice of his wife or even let her speak her mind in the first place. Most men today are lords, they have no regards for their wives.The wives do not have a single say in the house, every of their advice is meant for the trash. But hold on! the last time I checked ain’t both of you supposed to be one? Ok now…#there is God#
The wise Pilate knew the situation was inevitable, in fact he had no choice but to pass the judgement. He thought of his wife’s warning and the gravity of taking a sinless life then he took a diplomatic step(v24):
‘So when Pilate saw that he was gaining nothing, but rather that a riot was beginning, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, I am innocent of this man’s blood, see to it yourselves.

He saved his family and his children.

(v25) …”and all the people answered, His blood be on us and our children! ”
I am sure if it’s not that Christ blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel. I can’t imagine what would have happened to all of them, perhaps we would have had millions of Cains wandering about the whole earth. Well! That’s just by the way. Mr. If you still think your wife is for the kitchen and the other room then you may be on the verge of giving away your posterity. I ain’t saying you should do all she asks even when you know they are wrong but wisdom you know, is profitable to direct. Women are helpers, they are there to share your burdens with you. Do not see them useful only in or subject them only to the kitchen and the other room. Carry them along. Do not come home moody and sad and the next thing you tell her when she asks you what is wrong with you is,woman you can’t understand. Really? Who will if she doesn’t?. Even if she can not proffer solution all the time at least let her always share in your burden. Let her be part of you in fact she has always been a part of you. For crying out loud! She is your helper. She is there to help you. Always remember your decision will not only affect you alone but everyone around you, starting from her, your children and the rest. So be wise like Mr Pilate.

To you ma! I wasn’t really taking your sides anyways. You need to step up your spiritual life so that before the problem comes, you can preinform him  like Mrs Pilate did. You can’t gain your husband’s trust and love if you are not strong enough to give good and spiritually backed up solutions. Be his watch dog.
Be awake to see visions when he is sleeping and dream when he is awake.
Take charge in the spiritual realm. You know he always tells you he’s got everything in control *winks but you know in the real sense he is scared to take that bold step at that point, you need to step in and help him take the bold step.
I intentionally didn’t mention Esther here because we all have stereotyped our minds on queen Esther but I present to you with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit another woman who is worthy of emulation and a role model in the new testament. Though little was said of her but what she did shows that whatever concerns her husband concerns her too. Let me drop this before I leave. At that point where your husband is in the situation of what the yorubas call ‘ oba ran ni nise, odo oba kun. Ise oba ko se maa je, odo oba ko se nfo.’ ( simply translated in English as stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea) just like Mr Pilate, always be there to proffer solutions like using a boat to cross the sea or better still an aircraft to fly above. *winks.
Be Wise!

This piece was written by Miss Evelyn Ajimuda(