But having the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I BELIEVED, THEREFORE I SPOKE,” we also believe, therefore we also speak”- 2 Cor 4:13

It excites me to be back here after weeks of minimal social media activities…I appreciate all those that kept asking for rhema blog updates.I shall be kicking off in a unique way.

It is high time we spoke out/confessed what we resolutely believe.Therefore,I have compiled some personal confessions that are based on the infallible words of God.

If you are ready let’s start :

I worship you my Father,you are magnificent,I can never praise you enough.There are no boundaries to your greatness. Your marvelous doings are headline news any time,I could write a book full of the details of your greatness.I applaud you my God,the lifter of my head.Your kingdom is eternal,you never get voted out of office. You are generous to a fault,lavishing your favour on all creatures. Everything within me praise your Holy name.

In the name of Jesus Christ,as I step out today,Christ’s righteousness goes ahead of me.Devil,I know everything you are saying! I know I am sinful and God is holy. But I look up to Jesus,not to myself.I don’t count on my ability to measure up to God’s standard.I rely on Christ’s and God has imputed to me Jesus’ perfect righteousness.So,before you pierce me with despair and confusion you will have to find something unrighteous in Jesus,for His righteousness is my breastplate.Since you cannot find fault in His righteousness, I live in freedom from every guilt and condemnation.

Christ is in me and I am in Christ and because I belong to Christ, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed me from the power of sin and death.I put to death the deeds of my sinful nature and I live to please God today.I open my mouth wide today and God fills it with good things therefore I make the following confessions for I believe in the power of God so I SPEAK:

I receive the strength of God for every weakness in me.The same power that resurrected Christ  is resident in me therefore I come forth from spiritual death,limitation,weakness and character flaw.

I declare that all the cells,tissues, organs and systems of my body function properly. Divine health is my portion for no one living in Zion will say : “I am sick’! Diseases that run in family ,arrows that fly by day, the terror of night,diseases that stalk in darkness and the disasters that strike at midday all intelligently avoid me.

God has rescued my soul from death,my eyes from tears and my feet from stumbling. My horn has been exalted like that of a unicorn and my head is anointed with fresh oil.

I am a blessing to my generation, living a spirit-driven life.There is a river within me whose streams make glad the city of God.The Godhead lives in me therefore I will not fall.God is my helper at the break of the day.I reach out and experience the length,the breadth,the depth and the height of His love.

I am anointed,favoured,honest,dedicated,endowed,justified,sanctified,knowledgeable, led,noble,obedient, qualified,healed,resilient,tenacious and ingenious.

Today,instead of bronze I get gold,instead of iron I get silver.I get fame instead of shame.The least of me has become a thousand.See the smallest of me has become a mighty nation.

I have sufficiency in all things.I see that which eyes have not seen.I hear that which no ears have heard and I perceive that which is yet to enter into the heart of any man.

In Jesus’ name I pray!