Let me share three of the nuggets I penned down in my diary in 2011.They were words credited to Henry Blackaby.

1)Confession of sins is not repentance.Confession is the first step towards repentance.It acknowledges that I believe my sin is as bad as God tells me it is ,and therefore having confessed my sins,I must repent.

2)Our culture believes as long as we are actively in the prayer meetings that we are in fellowship with God.That is not true.It is relationship that determines our fellowship with Him.While the relationship may produce the activity, the activity rarely produces the relationship.

3)One of Satan’s great tool is to talk about rededication.If you move away from God,the only way to get back is to repent; it is not to rededicate your life! You need to repent that you departed from Him in the first place!

Stay blessed.