Do you have a critical spirit or a spirit of discernment? While the former is not a gift of the Spirit,the latter is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Many people who have become fault-finders on the social media today are operating under the influence of the spirit of criticism.This spirit works in conjunction with the spirit of slander to pull others down.

It judges people’s actions and not their motives.Someone with a critical spirit does not have the patience to listen to your intentions.The spirit of criticism does not see the positives in others but the negatives.

People with critical spirit always have an inflated view of themselves and proud.Every other person is wrong except themselves.They only see things from their myopic perspectives.

You can easily spot people with critical spirit on social media.Just go to their Facebook wall and read their last ten posts or their last ten tweets on Twitter.90% of those posts will either be criticising one person or the other.Majority of the tweets will be either to see the fault in one denomination or the other.

These people might even be so bold to mention names of Pastor/Prophet/Bishop/church or GO they have issues with. Anyway,in this part of the world,lawyers are yet to step up in making money out of all these libel cases.If they do,many of these FB rants will stop!

Hello Mr Critical spirit,you are not the Holy Spirit! Even the Holy Spirit’s job specification does not include fault finding.The Holy Spirit convicts,he does not condemn.Condemnation is of the devil.

Why is it that you only concentrate on fault-finding without providing better alternatives? You said there is nothing called ‘church’,that people should not go to a building for worship.Okay no problem,please should we converge in your house next Sunday? No answer!

You copy the prayer points of a mega church and paste them on your wall and make jest of them and rant on how superficial and unbiblical those prayer points are.Let’s assume you are right,but please where are your own Biblical prayer points? All what I see on your timeline are just rants, no substance,no real and genuine alternatives.

You condemn a church collecting offerings,please invite us to your own church where somebody somewhere is not contributing to the running of the church.#abegparkwell#

You need to be well taught on how to objectively criticise if at all you need to do that.

I even have a question for you.Are you married? If yes, is this how you criticise your husband/wife at home? You don’t see any good in him/her over 24-hour period? He does this,you complain.He does that,you blame him on facebook.She cooks today,it is too salty.She makes Semovita tomorrow,it is too watery. If that is how you relate to your wife/husband then continue this great job you are given on social media.Or is he/she an angel with flawless personality?

If you are yet to get marry,use this phase of your life to model the vision you have about the ideal church/society.I know things are not right in the church to certain extent,please criticise constructively if the need arises and provide practical  solutions.

Please,you don’t have any right to criticise any denomination or an individual without providing better alternatives.Talk is cheap! Who knows, you might even be worse than those you are criticising today.

The fact remains  that there is no denomination on earth now that is 100percent sound in terms of doctrine and personnel.Let that sink in.Even if the doctrine is perfect what about the personnel  in the mission or members of the church?

There are some men/women of God that give constructive criticisms with practical alternatives and they are sent by God.They don’t just make noise on the internet about the problems in the church,they offer credible solutions and they model their principles.I love them and I listen to them.

Who sent you? Who gave you this mandate to spend your data on nothing else apart from criticism? You do 24posts/24 hours and all are criticisms,has it become a job where you are paid per hour for every critical post? Or better still maybe you now work under the ministry of criticism.

Lest I become someone with a critical spirit,the next post will be on the spirit of discernment and how it operates.This is the spirit many of these young Facebook Christian ministers think they have but it is a pity,they are under the influence of a critical spirit.

…to be continued.

Stay blessed.