In the previous posts,I mentioned four major factors that can prevent us from hearing God: Disquietude, Distractions, Disobedience and Deafness.I have also written about three out of the four major factors that can make us hear God’s voice clearly: Solitude, Serenity and Submission.I am writing on the fourth factor today:


It is the capability of hearing even very quiet sounds.It means to be swift in hearing.Being sharp-eared can make one to quickly pick the gentle voice of God.

God doesn’t shout at His children.He speaks to them in gentle voice.The closer you are to someone,the less you raise your voice to get his/her attention.

“So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath”-James 1:19

Let me confess my ignorance about this verse to you: For many years until some few minutes before I wrote this post,I used to think ‘swift to hear’ means one needs to be swift at hearing what others are saying about you! Hahahaha.Don’t mind my ignorance…I learn everyday! That is not the meaning of ‘swift to hear’ as used by James here.The verse 19 quoted above is a continuation of what he said in verse 18:

“In the exercise of His will He brought us forth by the word of truth, so that we would be a kind of first fruits among His creatures”-James 1:18

God brought us forth by the word of truth.Other translation says:

“He gave us birth by the word of truth”.

Apostle James was talking about being swift to hear this ‘word of truth’ that birthed us!In other words,if God brings us forth through His words,we must be swift to hear His words.

Therefore,James 1:19a could be rendered:”Let every man be swift to hear the word of truth”.

Be quick to hear the very still voice of God,be sharp-eared to hear the word of truth not gossips!


a)Abstinence especially fasting: Regular or consistent fasting or abstinence from certain pleasure of life is one proven way of being sharp-eared.

Note:The emphasis is on the word:regular or consistent.Someone that fasts one day in a week for a whole year is more consistent than someone who fasts for three weeks in a year!

Fasting makes you to be very sensitive to pick God’s voice.It makes your ears 👂 to be very sharp to hear the voice of God.You can read more on the series I previously wrote on fasting and prayers.

b)Praying in tongues:This is the BOMB! A colleague of mine in the medical profession asked me some few years ago how I find time to write blog posts despite my tight schedule.I can’t remember all my responses to the person now,but this is the secret:

When I pray in tongues,I tune myself to the frequency that God uses to broadcast His thoughts.He drops what you are reading now in pieces in my mind.I jot them down and thereafter add ‘flesh’ to it by studying.Full stop.

If you are able to pray in the Spirit,you have a potent weapon in your hands.Use it!If you can’t speak in tongues,desire and ask for it.It is your right as a child of God.

Wake up in the morning,before surfing the internet for social media updates,pray in tongues for some minutes: The longer the duration,the more ‘info’ you get from God and the less struggle you have for the rest of the day!Confirmed!

c)Reading and studying God’s word:This is another way you can make yourself sharp-eared.

Whenever you read the Bible,God is speaking to you!Pay attention to what He is saying.The problem is that you assume the Scriptures are not referring to you!

“For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction”-Romans 15:4

The more you think the words you read in the Bible are referring to you,the more God speaks to you through His words.The more you think the words of God are talking about some people that lived 5000 years ago,the less God communicates His thoughts to you through the Bible.

It then means if you think the Bible has answers to your questions,God will show you the answers through it.That was how I got the answer to my exam question that I talked about in the beginning of this series.It was during the sermon that God said to me:”What the Pastor just said now is your exam question”.

“Anyone with ears to hear must listen to the Spirit and understand what he is saying to the churches”-Rev 2:29

You are the church,be sharp-eared to hear what He is saying to you.

That is the end of this series…

Receive grace to hear God’s voice in Jesus’ name.Amen.