Bedwetting is fairly more common in many homes than people would want to admit it.It is either they keep quiet about it and let it be a family secret or they assume it is caused by an evil spirit.Only very few know that bedwetting has medical causes that can actually be treated.My job is to let you know when bedwetting should be a concern and when to see a doctor.

When to be worried:

1)A child that is above 2years and still wetting the bed during the day.

2) A child that is less than 5 years and has not been bedwetting for 6 months and suddenly starts getting wet at night.

3)A child that is more than 5 years old and is yet to be dry at night.

4)An adult that suddenly starts bedwetting after being dry at night for many years.

Possible causes:

1)Small bladder(waterworks) or abnormal shape of their waterwork path.

2)Infection in the waterworks



5)Excessive consumption of tea,coffee and cola

6) Child abuse

7) Stress at home or school

Many people that have diabetes mellitus later in life could have been picked up earlier if their parents have paid attention to their bedwetting pattern when younger.Many children grew up with inferiority complex because of the emotional abuse they suffered from their parents as a result of bedwetting.

Bedwetting has treatment.Let’s stop demonizing it! Stop the emotional abuse of your children because of bedwetting.If you are concerned about it, see a doctor or a specialist called urologist.