Unhealthy comparison is one of the ways an unrenewed mind can make you to be depressed.Suddenly,you don’t see any good in yourself.It is as if you are the only one left in the lurch.Instead of you to continue looking at issues from that negative perspective,I have a simple message to pass across to you:

 “You can receive only what God gives you from heaven”

The above was a quotation from John , a prophet that was a contemporary of Jesus.He started ministry before the latter.Nevertheless,John was not doing well in terms of followership.He baptized Jesus but it was apparent that John was not as popular as Jesus of Nazareth!

“John,everyone is going after Jesus,what do you think? “

He answered by telling them that there was no place for any unhealthy comparison.This ancient prophet knew this secret of life that a man could only receive that which God had already said ‘Amen’ to.

Being jealous of others because you want to occupy a position that God has not given to you or acquiring forcefully what you have not received from God would only lead to mental frustration.

While you might think what you have received from God is ‘little’ compared to others,read what Jesus said about John :

“I tell you the truth, of all who have ever lived, none is greater than John the Baptist. Yet even the least person in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he is!”

You are unique.You have a specific assignment to carry out in this world.Focus on that ‘little’ thing that you have received from God and appreciate the grace that God has given to others.

God is set to increase that ‘little’ in your hands because He is the giver of all things.Paul may sow, Apollo may water and you may be very hardworking but it is only God that can give to you and also cause an increase in what He has given to you.

Stay blessed.