Ancient Hawaiian language unlike English language has no past or future tense and no verb ‘to be’.And there is a lesson for us to learn from this.
For example:

I went to Kenya last week”

Would have been translated in Hawaiian language as:
My having gone to Kenya last week is over right now”

If it is over why the regret about the past?

I will go to Cameroon next week”

Would have been translated in ancient Hawaiian as:

My going to Cameroon next week has not happened yet .”

If the event has not happened why being fussy about the future?

This language is fully in line with Biblical position on how to handle the past and the future:

“Do not be anxious about anything…”

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow”

Hawaiian language emphasizes that the power to act is in the present moment.

Because you cannot act in the past or the future ,you shouldn’t waste time on past regrets or future worries.

It is heart- warming,however,that one can change both past and future in the present moment called NOW!

NOW is the only moment we all have at hand where changes can be effected.

“NOW is the day of salvation”.