I know you have always thought the real you is from the dust.No,you are not made from the dust!

Your body is made from the dust but your real self is purely a Spirit.

When I told Adam he was from the dust and that he was going to return to the dust ,I was referring to his body.

I formed his body from the dust which was dead until I breathed life into him.The life I breathed into him was the Spirit(immaterial being) and so he became a living soul.

Adam was a Spirit( a part of me) who had a soul that lived in a vehicle called the body.

When he died,the vehicle(body) returned to the dust where it came from.However,his soul and Spirit were part of Me.They returned to me!

I want you to stop associating your real self to the dust.Saying you are your body is like saying you are your car! Are you?

You are not from the dust.You are bigger than your body which is a vehicle that drives you from one place to the other until the ‘engine’ packs up and the real you comes back to me.

While you live in the body,I long to see oneness between the real you and me.

This is where your true purpose for being here can be fulfilled.

Now remember ME your CREATOR from whom you came from and to whom you shall return.