My child I love you.

Therefore, I want you to see your problems and challenges through ME instead of seeing ME through them.

Let ME explain this to you:

Imagine that you are looking at a slide through a microscope which helps you to magnify the content on the slide to whatever magnification you desire.

In the same vein,when you look at any problem through ME ‘acting’ as the microscope, I MAGNIFY MYSELF.Meanwhile,the problems diminish instead of them being magnified.

For example,one of my sons, David, saw Goliath through ME .He saw ME magnified but saw Goliath ‘diminished’ and he was able to conquer him.

On the contrary, when you put the problems before you by letting them act as the microscope through which you see ME ,they become magnified out of proportion .It then becomes difficult to see ME.

Set ME always before you and you will never be shaken.