Heaven is your home.

You(your soul and spirit) were there with ME for eons of years before I arranged your coming into the earth.

The earth where you are now is a place of sojourn.It means you are staying there temporarily.

Why are you in a haste to come back home without achieving the purpose for which I sent you there?

You are like a child that his father sent from location A to deliver a ‘super headlamp’ that could power location B but refused to deliver the package.

Instead the child makes location A is pre-occupation.He fantasizes about it and continuously calls his father he is on his way back home.

Meanwhile,location B remains in total darkness.

There is nothing wrong in making heaven where I stay your priority.

However,there is everything wrong if what I sent you to do on earth is not done or delivered.

The package I want you to deliver to the earth is labelled “The Full Expression of My Spirit through your body to the world”.

Let ME shine through you! Let ME express myself through you!

Don’t be in a haste to come back home when that package is yet to be delivered to the world.