I have noticed that you have different ways of defining humility.

Many of them are not what I see as being humble.

I want to let you know what humility is because without it the TRUTH will always elude you.

Humility is the complete desire and openess to receive truth,no matter what it is whether you disagree with it or not.

In other words,the reason for being humble is so that you can receive truth.

Peter,one of my children,can be used as an example to explain this.

Initially, he was not open to receiving the truth.The truth that the gospel is for all whether Jews or Gentiles.

I showed him a vision where I asked him to kill and eat unclean animals.Three times I gave the command but he was too proud to receive the truth.

I see your passion for truth.

I see how you want to know more about me.

I see that within you there is a longing to get hold of the truth.

Nevertheless, you need to first have an open heart.

You need to humble yourself before ME.Then the TRUTH will be revealed to you.

It is the truth that creates freedom.

Once you know the truth about any subject secularly or spiritually, you are free to utilise its laws and you live in the world of new discoveries.

The truth sets you free but you can’t know the truth without humility.

Humility is the door way to truth.