There are three stages of growth that can be pointers to where you are in ME.

First is purification stage which is the most basic and actually the preliminary to others.

This is the group for babies who can only tolerate MILK.

They would prefer to be spoon-fed everyday to being independent.

Second is illumination stage which is getting to know the what,whys and hows.

This is the group for those that can eat MEAT.

People here are not satisfied that my Son healed a crippled or fed 5,000 people,they want to know how.

The third is perfection stage where I fully express my Spirit through you without hindrance.

This is the level of the MASTERS!

Here you can say emphatically that you are One with ME!

When you know that Unity of the Spirit is the highest attainment in this life,you are in this stage of growth.