Prentice Mulford,the author of the book ‘Thoughts are things’ has written about how simple thoughts of hurry could explain how some events unfold during the rest of the day.

Rhemablog gathered from this author that the “habit of hurry wears out more bodies and kills more people than is realised”.

He further expantiates on this:

“If you put on your shoes hurriedly while dressing in the morning you will be very apt to be in a hurry all day”.

He then gives this piece of advice:

“So when in the morning,be you man or woman,you look at what is to be done and begin to feel yourself overwhelmed and hurried by the household cares,the shopping,the people to be seen…sit down for 30 seconds and say:

‘I will not be mobbed and driven in mind by these duties.I will now proceed to do one thing- one thing alone,and let the rest take care of themselves until it is done'”.

The chances are then that the one thing will be done well.If that is done well,so will all the rest says Mulford.