Everyone has certain fixed assumptions that allow one to see in certain ways.

These assumptions,especially when trailed by success stories, can blind one from seeing other people’s perspectives.

Then you start judging them from your own myopic views.

Dr Rutgers puts this phenomenon like this:

“You can’t compare a fish to a bird and say one is better than the other- they do different things.You can’t judge a fish by how well it can fly”.

Everyone is here to play the ‘game’ of life.

While you play ‘football’ and follow the rules,I play ‘baseball’ and stick to the dictates of the game.Others may play ‘hockey’.

A game is a game.

It is totally wrong to judge someone playing football using the rules of baseball game.

Or as a footballer to tell a hockey player that he is supposed to use the size of your ball.

An eagle can fly in the air, a whale does its things in the water.

Play your game according to your rules while acknowledging that others also play theirs with a different set of rules.

The truth is that while you keep getting successful with your game,humility will make you learn more from other people’s game of life if you are not jaundiced!