The excerpt below includes the secret prayer that turned the tide in the American revolution when George Washington(1st US President) led the Continental army against British troops.

“During the Battle of Valley Forge, revolutionary troops were entrenched on the battlefield ,freezing and starving.

One day,a farmer who lived nearby brought much- needed provisions to the troops and on his way back through the woods,he heard someone speaking.

He tracked the voice until he came to a clearing,where he saw a man on his knees ,praying in the snow.

The farmer rushed home and excitedly told his wife,

“The Americans will secure their independence!”

His wife asked,

“What makes you say that?”

The farmer replied,

“I heard George Washington pray out in the woods today,and the Lord will surely hear his prayers.He will.Thee may rest assured ,He will””.

The rest, of course ,is history.