A lion cub is left abandoned in a forest upon his mother’s death and he has to fend for himself to stay alive.

He sees a group of goats grazing nearby.

He stays with them as they offer him companionship and solace.

Soon he learns all the habits of the goats and finds no reason to believe that he is any different from them.

One day,after many years ,a lion, in search of prey,attacks the group and the lion who thinks of himself as goat.

They along with the lion cub,flee to save their lives.

Seeing this,the older lion calls upon the cub and asks him why he is afraid as he is not a goat.

The younger lion is surprised as he has no idea that he is anything but a goat.

The older lion takes him to the river to show him his reflection in the water.

The younger lion then realizes his true self.

What is the veil covering your true self?

For some,like the young lion in the story above,it is the negative life situation that is the veil over their true selves.

It is time the veil was removed for the true self to manifest!