The three greatest achievements in this life according to Dr Naram(The Dr for both Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela):

1)To know what you want.

2)To achieve what you want.

3)To enjoy what you have achieved.

He further stated:

95% of people on the planet do not know what they want .So,they spend most of their lives window-shopping.Trying this job or that job,trying this spouse or that spouse but are never fulfilled.

3% of people in this planet know what they want but never achieve it.They don’t have the right tools.

1% know what they want,and they achieve it.In the process of achieving,they get high blood pressure,high cholesterol,family problems, relationship problems and what not.

99% of all people fall into those first 3 categories.

Only the remaining 1% of people know

What they want,

Achieve it and

Then enjoy it”