What comes to mind when we see someone that is a chronic drunkard or a drug addict?



I want to share a piece on the motive behind addiction from an author who preferred to be anonymous:

“Why do people drink whiskey or take dope?

For pleasure,you say.

No,that is not the real reason.They do it to forget the miseries of life for a few short moments.”

What are these miseries of life?

He continued by listing them: “Sickness,failure, sorrow, hard work,disappointment,bad luck,poverty and what not.”

“To most of them there seems no freedom from these miseries except a few moments of rest in strong drink or in a few hours of so-called pleasure.Such relief is short-lived and lands them right back in misery where they started”.

In other words,what they think would take them out of the miseries make them subservient perpetually.

To be continued…