An oil burner company wanted to recruit a salesman and 400 applicants sent in their applications.

399 of them applied for the job but were only interested in ‘getting’ the salary if employed.

Only one applicant wanted to give something before getting anything from the company.

What did he do differently?

He didn’t know anything about selling oil burner so he went out to learn all about that before he sent his bid.

He made a careful study of the company’s oil burner.He called on homes which were using it.These home owners gave him the good points of the company’s oil burner.

He didn’t stop there.He went to homes using other burners and collated the arguments against the company’s burners.

Then he sat down to write his bid.In it,he told the company what he had done and how he would sell their burner.

He told them a lot of things they didn’t know about their products themselves.

Of course,he was the only one that got the job and was paid well.

The other 399 were only thinking of getting without giving first.They wanted ‘fat’ salary without thinking of how they wanted to add values to the company.

Whenever you want to get something,think about what you want to give.

There is something you have that you can give.The salesman above though was jobless before and had no money,he had something:The heart of giving.

To be continued…