You must have heard people of different ages say in total frustration: “How I wish you understand me!”

They are sincere about this.They want others to really know why they do what they are being chastised for.

Unfortunately,we are quick to malign,judge and condemn them ‘out of love’:

We tend to castigate others telling them we are doing it out of love…

We are quick to judge others going in the direction we don’t like in the spirit of love…

We are prone to chastise the younger generation of their youthful exuberance because we love them…

However,have you taken time to understand them?

Do you think they need more love or understanding?

Do you know why they do what they do?

Aren’t you just assuming you know why they do what they do?

Take time to go beyond loving others… Understand them,for there is more to what is triggering their actions than what you see on the outside.

That is all they want from you!

“In the last 6000 years of human history ,the greatest need people have is not love but understanding.”-Baba Ramdas