Every second,decisions are made on certain issues of life.

You can’t shy away from making them.If you refuse to decide,that on its own is another form of decision!

However,what is the source or the trigger for your decision?

There are two main triggers of your decisions: Fear and Love

Every decision is either out of fear or out of love.

All decisions can be traced back to these two.

To confirm this point,you can check the last decision you made.

It was either out of fear of your boss,your spouse,your parents,your future or out of love for God,yourself,your neighbor,your parents,your spouse etc.

While decision made out of fear brings short term gains,temporal and can be destructive,that made out of love brings both short and long term gains, eternal and always constructive.


God is love.Where there is love,there is God and therefore no fear exists.

And there is no fear in love,but perfect love drives out fear…