Angelic visitation is more common than we are willing to admit.

They are always around to guide and guard us and relay messages to us when the need arises.

The challenge is that they come to us physically sometimes without we knowing they are angels.

And that is found in the Scripture as well:

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!”

A medical doctor had a visitation from an angel of recent.Let me share his experience to buttress the point above:

“I was in the clinic one day attending to my patients and God told me an angel was going to visit me.I rang the bell afterwards to call in the next patient.A woman with her two children walked in.After I attended to the first child,I noticed that the second child who was about 10 years old was feeling sleepy.So,I beckoned to him and asked him his name.

Guess what he said: Gabriel!

I was shocked.Was this coincidence?I don’t think so.Why? I see an average of 30 patients in a day.What is the probability that one of them would bear the name Gabriel at the same time God told me an angel was going to visit me?”

Story like the above is a pointer to the fact that God’s angels could visit us in unexpected ways using the physical bodies of people we least expect.

NB: In the Dr’s story,the angel mentioned his name probably because the Dr was already informed of the angel’s visitation.If he was not pre-informed,he too would have seen the boy as one of his regular patients!