What was going on in the mind of Enoch when he named his son Methuselah?

We can only know this by looking at the meaning of the name he gave his son.

Methuselah means, “when he is dead the flood(deluge) shall come.”

Enoch prophetically named him Methuselah because God told him that the earth would be destroyed by flood but that would not take place until after the death of his son,Methuselah!

So the deluge that took place several years later was determined by the death of Methuselah.

While Methuselah’s birth brought Enoch closer to God,his death marked the time the flood overwhelmed the earth.

If at this time,you still think Methuselah lived a life of no impact,kindly drop the idea,for the next post will reveal more!

To be continued…