When God was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah,He instructed Lot and his family to get out of the land immediately.


God already promised Abraham,Lot’s uncle,that He wouldn’t destroy the righteous with the wicked.Lot by his association with Abraham then became a candidate of God’s mercy.

So God instructed Lot: ‘…escape to the mountain,lest thou be consumed’

Lot then discovered that he wouldn’t be able to get to the mountain God wanted him to flee to before disaster would hit Sodom.

Lot’s response: ‘…I cannot escape to the mountain,lest some evil take me,and I die…Let me escape to a nearby city and my soul shall live.’

God’s answer:’Hurry,escape there.For I cannot do anything until you arrive there.’

God couldn’t destroy Sodom until Lot was in a place that wouldn’t be affected by the disaster.

Doing otherwise would make God’s promise to Abraham a lie.

Do you want to know what God cannot do?

He cannot renege on his promises for you.

If He says it,He would do it.