Why is it that when an ill report is raised concerning someone,the mind of everyone is curious to know more about it? But when it is a good report,no one is interested? All curiosity towards knowing about the good things will just die naturally! Why?

Mrs J: I heard that Pastor Z got a new car.

Mrs X: En en…How is your business going my friend?

Mrs J: Going on fine.Thank you.The new car had not even been dedicated when some boys…

Mrs X: Did what? Stoned the car? Talk now…(lowers her voice)What did they do?(Moves closer to Mrs J) I am sure he stole from the church’s purse to buy the car! Why won’t they stone him?

Mrs J: The boys actually gave him another new car…

Mrs X: En en…Those scammers!We were talking about your business earlier on my friend…

Mrs J: Yes,I answered you.It is thriving but my husband behaviour these days has changed…

Mrs X: Didn’t I tell you before that men don’t like competition?When you are doing well,they feel intimidated…Tell me,what did he do to you? I am interested in this case!

Mrs J:He now loves me more than before.He even took me out yesterday and we are planning to go on vacation next week…I am so glad I met him.

Mrs X:What about the money you borrowed from the bank,have you finished the repayment of the loan?

Mrs J:Yes,I cleared it last month.

Why do people like bad reports? Why do men keep quiet about good things and dig holes to ferret out bad news?


“This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”-John 3:19

People are generally wired towards negativity.Naturally,human beings tend to gravitate towards ill report than good news.That is why negative news spread without sponsorship.

Don’t join the crowd!See good in others.