Let’s ask King David who had a ‘good’ friend and adviser:

“Now in those days the advice of Ahithophel was like the consultation of the word of God. Such was the regard that both David and Absalom had for Ahithophel’s advice.”

By the time Ahithophel carpet crossed to Absalom’s camp,David knew he was in trouble:

“When someone told David that his adviser Ahithophel was now backing Absalom, David prayed, “O LORD, let Ahithophel give Absalom foolish advice!””


Friends are good but when they become your enemy…It takes God to deliver you because they know your strengths, weaknesses,goings and comings!

Besides,no enemy can get hold of you without your friends’ involvement directly or indirectly…Know this though it is a bitter truth!

“Lord protect me from my friends,I can take care of my enemies”-Voltaire