Before Anaxagoras came to the conclusion that the earth was spherical,he already had doubts about the belief that the world was flat.

His experiment only led credence to the ‘new belief’ that there was something wrong about the belief then that the earth was flat.

Whatever you believe,your subconscious mind will look for the validation of that idea or thought.

If you query the fact that the earth is spherical now,you will soon get another ‘convincing’ evidence that the earth is no more spherical!

Meanwhile,the earth has never for once changed its shape.Only humans kept changing their perceptions about the shape of the earth.

The shape of the earth remains the same… Your perception is what is changing.

The mountain you saw yesterday is still the same mountain…It is your perception that it has changed from a mountain to a level plain ground that is making you walk triumphantly over it today!