With the preceding concepts,one should know how important it is to take good care of one’s possession.

Yes,you are not your body.

Yes,you are not your car.

But if the car is not in good shape,how will you be able to embark on that trip with it?

In the same vein,if you maltreat your body and it breaks down,the real you won’t be able to continue the journey of life.

Therefore,value your possessions.Treat them well.But if per chance they malfunction,do not define yourself with their conditions.Rather,go ahead and fix them.

‘My car is faulty’ is never ‘I am faulty’.

So I will go and fix the car because it is mine but not me.

‘My blood level is low’ does not mean ‘I am low’.

So I will go and get it treated because the blood is mine but not me.

‘My exam result:Fail’ is not equivalent to ‘I am a failure’.

So I will try and study better next time,for it is my result not me.

Do you understand ?