What are the keys that open these three essential doors?

1)The key of love opens the door of the heart.

2)The key of wisdom opens the door of the intellect.

3)The key of truth opens the door of the will.

For example,where matters of relationships are involved,the key that can calm the nerves is that of love.Unfortunately,we tend to open it with the key of truth!

Truth is fantastic but it is not needed to open that door until later when you have settled down in the room.

Conversely,when love is in the air and every where is cool and calm…Now action is needed!

But the key of love won’t open the door of the will.You need to access the will with the truth.Little wonder they say when two brothers come out of their room smiling,they have not told each other the truth.

Know the key to use per time and you won’t stay too long outside the door!