How to hear God’s voice (2)

God says you shouldn’t move from location A to location B, but you refuse.You move to location B.Now you want Him to speak to you concerning some problems you are facing in location B.You will only hear His silence until you obey the first instruction He gave to you:’Don’t move from A to B!’

Little Faith (1)

The inference from the response of Christ is that it is not the size of your faith that matters,whether little or great! What really counts is your response to the ability in you.In other words,a faith is as little or great as your response to God’s ability in you and not in the size because if the faith is as small as the tinniest seed in the world,it will still work efficiently…

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World (3)

‘Oligo-‘ is actually a medical terminology.It means something is ‘inadequate’ or ‘deficient’.For instance,there is a condition in Obstetrics called oligo-hydramnios in which there is inadequate/deficient volume of the amniotic fluid that surrounds the foetus…’Oligopistos’ therefore can also be defined from that perspective:It is a faith that is inadequate/deficient in substance…

Our Faith:The Victory that Overcomes the World(2)

What did Jesus see? He saw their faith (pistis) in action.The men that brought this paralysed man did not just have a mental trust/reliance on Jesus or a mouth confession of their belief in Jesus,they demonstrated it in their uncompromising,steadfast,unyielding resolve to get the paralysed man to Jesus.Likewise,trusting in God for a miracle must not be passive.It must be seen in your action